NC Policy Bridge

Bridging the gap between educators and policymakers


We are a grassroots movement of teachers seeking to unite in discussion and help enact the best policies through outreach to legislators.

We are at a unique and pivotal place in education, where in the near future we will either see a mass exodus of teachers from North Carolina, or a rising up of teachers to demand their voices are represented in education policies and the teaching profession elevated. However, teachers need to not only address the symptoms of a flawed system, but more substantially to acknowledge that a change must occur in the methodology of policy creation. Following this summer’s controversial education policies one thing has become clear to me: there is a tremendous gap between teachers in the classroom and policy makers in Raleigh.

Policy Bridge was created as a grassroots and top roots movement of teachers seeking to bring educators and legislators together to create optimal policies for the North Carolina public education system. Currently our group seeks to accomplish two things, first to educate teachers on current policies and draw them into conversations on solutions. Additionally, we hope to transform teachers into education advocates by engaging them in teacher voice advocacy campaigns and engaging in legislative outreach.

 In May, Congress meets again in a short session and we are working towards two legislative goals:

1. Teacher Compensation: We seek a base pay raise as well as a commitment to changing the model to teacher compensation to begin to link to a merit pay system in order to ensure that all students have access to the most effective teachers.

2. Local Calendar Control: We seek to give each district control to shift the school year to best benefit students.

Through Policy Bridge’s efforts to change educational policies to best fit students and teachers needs we hope to are not only put in place policies, but also elevate the teaching profession and teachers moral to stay in the classroom as we give teachers hope for systematic change and a role to become part of the solution.

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